JMeter automatically finds classes from jars in the following directories:


  used for utility jars


  used 鐪熷厜缃戠珯椤甸潰, for JMeter components and plugins

  If you have developed new JMeter components,

  then you should jar them and copy the jar into JMeter’每日星座运势查询算命网 s lib/ext directory.

  JMeter will automatically find JMeter components in any jars found here.

  Do not use lib/ext for utility jars or dependency jars used by the plugins;

  it is only intended for JMeter components and plugins.

  If you don’t want to put JMeter plugin jars in the lib/ext directory,

  then define the property search_paths in

  Utility and dependency jars (libraries etc) can be placed in the lib directory.

  If you don’t want to put such jars in the lib directory,

  then define the property user.classpath 缃戣喘璇勪环缃戠珯, or plugin_dependency_paths

  in See below for an explanation of the differences.

  Other jars (such 狮子座星座运势2019年运势详解as JDBC, JMS implementations and any other support libraries needed by the JMeter code)

  should be placed in the lib directory – not the lib/ext directory,

  or added to user.classpath.

  JMeter will only find .jar files, not .zip.

  You can also install utility 白羊座女qq星座运势 Jar files in $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext, or you can set the

  property user.classpath in

  Note that setting the CLASSPATH environment variable will have no effect.

  This is because JMeter is started with “java -jar”,

  and the java command silently ignores the CLASSPATH variable, and the -classpath/-cp

  options when -jar is used.

  This occurs with all Java programs, not just JMeter.